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The Period Posse
Embracing Change and Empowering Others
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Ingram Spark E Book Dimension (4)_edited

Growing up is hard enough, but as Leigh and her friends are about to discover, things get real when our bodies begin changing!

Realizing that their classmates are just as confused about menstruation as they were before their families helped them understand what it’s all about, Leigh and her friends – Ada, Lena, and Sandi, form The Period Posse, a group to research, support, and educate their peers about the journey through menstruation. Together, the young change-makers advocate for improved menstrual education in schools, but when they’re met with challenges from administration, will they give up championing for other girls to embrace the changes in their bodies and raise awareness, or continue fighting for menstrual equality for all?

The Period Posse: Embracing Change and Empowering Others is an inspiring tale of friendship, growth, and the power of young voices to embrace knowledge, break stigmas, and join the movement for positive change!

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September 5, 2023 official release date
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about the author

Tamara Abney is a passionate advocate for menstrual
equity and the Founder and Executive Director of
SisterFriend, Inc., a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based
non-profit organization. Through SisterFriend, Inc’s
tireless efforts, countless individuals have been
provided with essential menstrual products and access
to accurate information, breaking down barriers and
empowering communities.

With her debut book, "The Period Posse: Embracing
Change and Empowering Others," Tamara brings her
expertise and dedication to empowering young girls
and adolescents, parents and caregivers, educators,
and school administrators to advocate for menstrual
equity in their schools and communities.


Tamara's writing is inspired by her belief in the
power of young voices to break stigmas, embrace
knowledge, and drive positive change. Through "The
Period Posse: Embracing Change and Empowering
Others," she weaves a heartwarming tale of friendship,

growth, and resilience, empowering readers to embrace
their bodies and menstrual journey with confidence.


As a sought-after speaker and thought leader,
Tamara is frequently invited to share her expertise and
insights at conferences, seminars, and educational
institutions. Her thought-provoking discussions inspire
audiences to challenge the status quo, break down
taboos, and work towards a more equitable and
inclusive society.

Tamara resides with her husband, Aerion, and their
two sons, Aerius and Amari. She balances her devoted
wife and mother roles with her passion for professional
development, health advocacy, and community

Connect with Tamara and join the movement for
menstrual equity by visiting SisterFriend, Inc’s website
at and following them on social
media @sisterfriendorg or at her personal website Also, follow her on social
media @tamaraabney.

Embrace the power of knowledge, and together,
let's break barriers, challenge norms, and empower
the next generation for a brighter and more equitable

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